BitRich 1st Pre-Sales Finish Guide

BitRich 1st Pre-Sales Finished
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About Us

Crypto Currency BitRich .

BitRich Global is headquartered in NewYork, USA. It is based on a company that is engaged in the business of purchasing credit card receipts. Control the current chaotic situation of thousands of Crypto Currency to make payment as a means of transportation as easy as credit card, BitRich Crypto Currency can use the POS terminal of its credit card for practically easy use in the life of consumers. that reason why BitRich Crypto Currency is borned. It is planning to build BitRich town to supply New Jersey Fort Lee, West LosAngels, and San Francisco with Crypto currency POS terminals manufactured by N&P to major areas such as New York, in the eastern United States. It also seeks to sign BitRich Coin's exclusive Korean sales contract with Korea`s N&P, which owns the core technologies and patents for ATM POS terminals, and creates a clean and opaque virtual currency market for the world. FIAT Money and Crypto Currency will be the only Crypto Currency BitRich that can be freely used in real consumer life by spreading ATM POS terminals that can be paid, remitted and withdrawn anywhere in the world.

Crypto Currency BitRich

4th-generation block chain BitRich Platform


Asset stability.


Instant exchangeability.

Crypto Currency ATM POS System

General purpose enlargement secure place used

BitRich Town

More than100 countries BitRich utility and Maximize value

IOT/Smart contract

Optimized passwords for IOT / Smart contract

BitRich Card

Enhancement of convenience Securing Users.

Financial services using BlockRain based BitRich

Artificial intelligence, big data, and the Internet of Things are tools to efficiently operate the current insurance industry processes, whereas block chains provide an environment that can change the traditional operating principles and concepts of insurance.


  • Distributed Ledger
  • Centralization, Transparency
  • Prevention of forgery, irreversibility


  • Machine Learning
  • Deep Learning
  • The three stages of cognition, learning, and reasoning.

Big Data

  • Decision support tool through data analysis
  • analysis of current situation, diagnosis, forecast, optimization?process


  • Wearable Device
  • Telematics
  • Smart Home

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